spring 2014 // floral

Hi guys!  
It's my first polyvore collage!!!  I am currently going a little crazy for floral prints, pink and anything yummy and sweet (that's nothing new actually but it seemed fitting to include it in my collage).  I kinda messed up the lip gloss and the phone case overlap but how long do you really want to spend adjusting little angles when the sun is shining and it's your day off?! 

Anyways, I love these products and you should too ;)  
...The leggings are on clearance right now at Target and perfect for sleep or just a lazy day at home.  
...The lip gloss (glace for the Laura Mercier connoisseurs who know what's up) is one of a brand new collection Laura came out with of GORGEOUS colors.  Obsessed.  
...The bag I can't decide if I should splurge on...it's not crazy expensive, and I could use my discount (I work at Nordstrom), but I worry I won't love it beyond this Spring...is that crazy?  It's just so fun and pretty, but I usually go for muted and neutrals so it's a bit of a reach for me...
...The phone case I just got at Target as well and I love it.  I have a baby pink gel manicure right now and I think it's affecting all of my preferences lately.  
...I haven't had a bubble tea in the last month or so, but my friend just bought some sort of bubble tea machine and has invited me over to party it up with some boba and maybe a little DIY.  

So, yeah.  Spring will be here soon and it's time to lighten up :)
Florals, pinks, and fun.
 spring 2014 floral

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