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If you want something done, you gotta DIY!
Seriously, I'd been searching for simple black and white towels, pillow cases, etc for weeks but everything I found was either chevron, damask, or just what I wanted, but too expensive.  So I headed to Joann Fabrics and bought a couple of plain tea towels and some black fabric paint.  I also got a little sponge stamp (see second towel) and I picked up a potato at the grocery store.  I'd never done a potato stamp, but I remembered that it was something people do :)  

 Next I washed and dried the towels.
I then cut a super simple design into my tater :)  I hate when people call them taters. 
I watered down the paint a bit so that it not only goes further but also stamps better.
After stamping, let the paint dry and then all I did was rinse it in the shower and air dry it.  
SO EASY!  I think my total cost was around $15 for both towels, including paint, zippers, stamps and potato.  The pillow insert (see below) I already had.

I haven't decided what to use this for yet...maybe just a photography backdrop or a ginormous hand towel.  

Next is a more traditional stamp.
This one I made into a washable pillow case complete with a zipper with the help (she did all the work actually) of my Mother in Law.  She's quite the seamstress!  

Now I just have to keep our black cat and our black dog's hair off of these.  And they are shedding like it's about to be summer or something?!  Rude.  
Anyways, thanks for coming by!  

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