day trip + new in store

Hey guys, I'm just getting around to posting these pics from last week when we drove an hour and a half for tacos.  :)  The beach was lovely too, but it was pretty overcast and we would be lying if we pretended Sandpoint was as wonderful as it is without Joels.  Life in the Pacific Northwest is great at times, but you just cannot get good Mexican without driving a ways for it.  Makes us both miss our previous lives in California. 

Here's a song to listen to if you want.  I like sad music, especially when it's almost Fall.  It's happy sad :)

{playsuit: glamorous; bag: topshop; hat & shoes: forever21}

...and here's what's new in store!


  1. Are you in Spokane? Just trying to guess :-) We live in Sandpoint, it was fun seeing your photos!

    1. Yes! How did you find my blog? Small world!



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