diy pet bed

hi guys!  I do a lot of DIYs around the house but, because I work full time, I usually end up doing them at night and therefore, taking photos of the process just doesn't do it justice...even this one, I did at night so the quality is terrible, but you can at least get the idea.

What you'll need:
-a box (this one is from Costco)
-paint ($1-2)
-foam measured to fit the bed of the box (Joann Fabrics $6)
-safety pins (I just pinned the fabric to the foam on the underneath side...I'm pretty lazy and just want to get to the finish LOL)
-fabric (I'd painted this one in a previous DIY you can see here - $3)
-paint samples (Lowes-free!...I also have a shape cutter outer thing leftover from our wedding so I used that to make her name banner)
-small pillows (the deer one is from my sister and the blue one I sewed real quick)

First, I'll introduce you to the little muffin, DAISY!

We can't even believe how cute and sweet she is.  Never thought I'd fall for a dog that's part Chihuahua but this little girl just needed us and we needed her.  She's been a total ham and a great addition to our family, even though at times we are both too exhausted to even move.

She doesn't sleep in it as much as I'd like, mostly because our Lab/Great Dane mix Auggie has a giant dog bed that's already broken in and stinky that she prefers.  She thinks she's as big as him, it's pretty hysterical.

there it is!  Quick and easy, and a total of around $11!

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