first wedding anniversary + the first year of marriage

hello :)
well, we made it!  
one year.
at times it was a breeze, but at times i didn't know if we'd make it.
no relationship is easy, or as perfect as it might look on the outside...i think that's hard to accept with how much social media has taken over and how easy it is to make your life look fun and beautiful and full.  
everyday you're in a relationship, especially a marriage, you are making a decision to be committed and to love.  and to give some things up.  it's hard sometimes to know when to allow yourself space and when to give your partner space.  it's hard to "pick your battles".  it's hard to live with someone who is so SO different (largely just because he's male).  it takes letting go of things, control.  it takes being very patient and forgiving.  it takes going through difficult times together, to build a bond that's solid.
but the rewards, and the struggles are what makes life meaningful.
we have a LOT to figure out, but the less we take life so seriously, the less stressful things become. 
easier said than done.
Happy Anniversary Mark :)

{bag: topshop via nordstrom; overalls: brandy melville, cardigan: thrifted; boots: sam edelman}

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