January in the PNW + a fantastic new food spot!

 Well, January life in the PNW is cold, for sure, but this day wasn't bad.  Sunny and only a little breezy, which made it possible for us to get outside, take some photos, and not have to shiver and wipe our noses every 5 seconds.  We walked around Kendall Yards and heard about a new restaurant nearby called the Backyard.  All Mark needed to hear was that they had a Cuban Pork sandwich and he was practically salivating. 

 ----T H E  B A C K Y A R D----

Not only is this spot well decorated, clean and inviting, but the food and service were A+.  We got the Poutine to start, and then split the Cuban with a spinach salad as our side.  We are fairly critical and tough to impress when it comes to food, but everything was so so good, and just the right amount of food.  REALLLLY hoping this place makes it in Spokane's tough local business world.  Go there :)

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