Lincoln City // OR C O A S T

I finally got around to putting together a post of our trip to the coast.  I really hate rhyming like that, but I'm too lazy to reword it.  But not lazy enough to have not written that last sentence.  ? Anyway.
We'll call this Round 1 of the Oregon Trip.  There will be more.
This post is lots of beach photos and not a lot of people photos.  Some say they like that better.  I don't, because people look more interesting to me than things...but at least there are some birds and I mean, the ocean's pretty amazing...
It's just hard to know how many beach pictures are enough.  Like, is 200 photos enough?? Obviously, yes, it's far too many.  But which ones do I delete??  Everywhere you look it's picturesque and magical, but I'm trying to be less attached to taking photos and more attached to living in the moment.  Still, I love looking back through photos and remembering those moments..

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