backyard summer and one funny dog.

Hello to whoever is still tuning in to this little blog!
I found a moment yesterday in between doing all the things I have to do, to do something I want to do :)
I love this vintage top although I still don't really know what to wear with sheer tops because you can't always layer a tank top under everything.  What do you guys do?  It will probably make it's way to my shop soon so keep an eye out if you like it!
Anyway, summer is going by so fast I'm afraid to blink :(  I love having a puppy and a yard and sunshine.  LOVE.  Wish it would stay longer.  It's already getting dark out earlier...not cool, but I'll admit I do look forward to boots and sweaters.  And pumpkin spice lattes..

shoes: ZARA
sunglasses: DIOR
necklace: F21
top, hat and shorts: thrifted

1 comment:

  1. Awesome style :) I think you must share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)



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