DIY furniture reupholstery/cushion cover making

So, you know when you sometimes see something you like, like an amazing jacket, or some delicious looking meal, or a room/space that has you drooling, and you make a mental note to somehow acquire this thing, in some way or another, at some point in the near future?  Well, that's what happened to me when I saw these ridiculously perfect spaces this DIY queen Mandi created over at Vintage Revivals.  

and room two..

The thing that stuck with me after seeing those spaces were the green pops of color.  The green of the loveseat and in the door tie the whole space together in my opinion, and I couldn't stop racking my brain trying to figure out how to incorporate something like that into our home without having to buy a new couch or paint a door we don't have. 

I was in love with the original color I'd reupholstered this rad mid century lounger (found on craigslist for about $40), however, with two pets consisting mostly of black fur who both love that chair, it was just too pale and couldn't really be cleaned.  The fabric I used then, and actually, the fabric I used this time, is a suede type fabric and it can't get wet.  Spot cleaning just wasn't cutting it.
Here is the lighter green/seafoam color I had and almost cried when I took it off.  (Change is good, change is good.)

I got this fabric on sale at Joanns.  For 4 yards I think it was $23.  I always buy too much, just in case.  And it was a good thing this time, because we had a little mishap.  Apparently neither Mark nor I can cut a straight line...but he takes great pictures for me and for my blog! Love him.

why must she always look so sad??

Anyways, after cutting the fabric, I ironed it, but not directly.  Because it's a delicate fabric, I kept a layer of cotton between the iron and the suede.  

Then I took some precise measurements to sew from.
Then all you do is mark your hem with pins, sew three and a half sides, and then the very last half of the last side, you hand stitch.  It's time consuming but it's the only way I know how...
Anyone know an easier way, please tell!:)

OKAY, ready for the big R E V E A L ???!

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